EMG Studio is a professional recording studio located in Prescott Valley, AZ, featuring the best of modern digital tools. Music is our passion; we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.

STUDIO TIME: as low as $40 per hour (Engineer Incl.) with minimum block time of 31 hours +

$70 per hour (under 4 hours)

$440 per 8 hour single day block (between 9am to 9pm)


Studio Time Block Rates

      Block Time - Min. 4 hr Sessions - Studio/Engineer/Mixing - $55 per hour


            10 to 20 hours - Studio/Engineer/Mixing - $50 per hour


            21 to 30 hours - Studio/Engineer/Mixing - $45 per hour


            31 hours and plus - Studio/Engineer/Mixing - $40 per hour

Above rates use of all house equipment and any house instruments desired

(located under the "Studio" tab).


Additional Studio Services

Wes Richardson - Engineer/Producer - $60 per hour



Wes Richardson/EMG Musician Development Group - Scoring Producer/Orchestral - Starting @ $25 per hour



Studio Session Musicians - List available upon request - Starting @ $40 per song



Call for a quote on mixing services.


Call for quote for duplication quantity and packaging services.


Services available: Arranging/Songwriting/Producing